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2014 Jeep Wrangler JK

A Jeep’s appeal is about more than its off-road abilities. Over the years the Jeep JK has grown to celebrity cult status, with four-door Wranglers popping up everywhere. They’re the ultimate weekend warrior that can easily double as a daily driver and can be customized any which way you imagine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together your own Jeep, which is one of the other main reasons for their popularity.

Steve Clearly is one such Jeep Wrangler JK devotee, something he never thought he’d become. With a preference for custom sports cars, a life threatening close call with him and his daughter in his custom Porsche 911 Twin Turbo made him want to trade in the fast ride for a different type of thrill seeking vehicle. After selling his precious speedster, he began searching for a larger vehicle and had two criteria for the potential new ride: it had to be fun to drive and be a convertible of sorts. “I love the open air while driving,” he describes. “I looked at the larger BMWs, G-Wagons, Defenders and other vehicles. Honestly, buying a Jeep at that time never even crossed my mind. If someone had suggested it I would have said, ‘no way!’ I believe I was on eBay, while searching for a new vehicle, when I came across a custom Jeep that grabbed my attention.”

His first custom JK was built at a shop where he was given a short list of different styles and components to choose from and two months later, his Jeep arrived. Although he loved his new ride, over time, he realized that his Jeep wasn’t overly customized and there were lots of things he still wanted to do to it. “In retrospect, I began to wish I had done the research myself and truly built a Jeep from the ground up,” he confesses. After a few months of fun with that first Jeep, Clearly accidentally flooded his engine compartment during an off-road excursion with his son and his insurance company funded him the money to buy a new 2014 JK. But this time, he and his son were going to build it right and to their specifications. “I wanted the Jeep to be open air with trail doors and bikini top. It had to be off-road worthy with new seats. And it had to be built with quality parts and be unique,” he mentions.

As soon as they got their new Jeep, they stripped everything out of it and worked with Line-X to pick out a custom graphite color and had them Line-X as much of the Jeep as possible. According to Clearly, they had done many Jeeps but said this was the first Jeep in which they sprayed the interior as well. “They told us it was their most challenging and most rewarding job to date,” he says. “My first Jeep had a similar finish but tended to sparkle in the sun. So much so that one person asked me if I had added glitter to the paint! To avoid the same issue we worked with the owner of the local Line-X to add just the right amount of matte coating. It drove the cost of the Line-X up, but was well worth the extra money.” Clearly chose lime green as their accent color and began powder coating selected parts, even bolts and brackets, to get the look just right. “When we did install accessories we didn’t like we replaced them with better components,” he explains.

“If we didn’t like the color of a stock item, like the vent rings (and we didn’t) we custom painted them. After we had completed so much powder coating on the suspension components and differential covers we noticed how ugly the axles and drive shafts looked. They were naturally covered in surface rust. So we removed them, had them sanded and painted black. Now they look great. Again our desire was to make a true one-of-a-kind custom Jeep and we spared no expense (within reason) to reach that goal.”

A lot of attention was given to the interior, which now flaunts custom marine-grade floor mats; Corbeau seats with custom 3-point harnesses, lime green accents and heating pads on all four seats; and a one-off sound system, mainly with Wet Sounds products. One challenge they had was deciding where to mount the subwoofer, while also incorporating some storage for a briefcase and the Jeep cover. To overcome this, he added a push button lock that now works “like a charm” and gives them storage for two amps. “We love the swivel mount rear speakers. For tailgate parties we simply turn them around and blast away. Adding the LED lighting to all the speakers (even the in-dash speakers) gave it that extra touch.”

The build is loaded with LED lights, including two 50” LED light bars above the windshield and a mixture of spot and flood configurations to give them options when off-roading. And for a bit of character, some green LED lights under the seats and within the engine compartment were added, and they painted the Jeep emblem lime green. For off-road performance, they went with the Rubicon Express 4.5” lift kit and Fox suspension in addition to a Fox steering stabilizer. For added power, a RIPP Supercharger was added and a Gibson exhaust system with dual tail pipes was installed.

“After buying a Jeep from a large custom shop, and then building our own, we realized the tremendous benefits of one-off custom Jeep builds. I didn’t realize the options available to us until we built our own from the ground up. I also realized you couldn’t really design a one-of-a-kind Jeep in a couple hours.”

Having started a number of successful businesses, Clearly realized the opportunity in the custom Jeep industry and he and his son have since started Celebrity Jeeps in Dallas, TX - a custom Jeep business that only builds made-to-order Jeeps to customer specifications.

“Our business model allows us to move way beyond what has become somewhat of a cookie cutter industry, and explore a wide range of designs and options that reflect our client’s desires. People looking at a high-end custom Jeep might not have any idea of the opportunities in a custom Jeep build. We also market to people, like me, who might have never considered a custom Jeep. I have owned many cars that cost more than my Jeep, but none were as fun to drive, had the versatility and turned as many heads.”


2014 Jeep Wrangler JK

  • Line-X Xtra, Tesla Sonic Carbon Metallic Exterior and Interior Spray, with Custom Matte Finish
  • Body Armor 4x4 Front and Rear Gen 3 Trail Doors with Black Nylon Webbing, Powder Coated Lime Green
  • AEV JK Heat Reduction Hood, Grilles Powder Coated Lime Green
  • Rugged Ridge Aluminum Hood latches, Powder Coated Lime Green
  • Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares
  • Bestop Bikini Black Diamond Safari Style Header Top
  • Bartact Universal Paracord Grab Handles BLACK/GECKO
  • Wild Boar Aggressive Hawkeye Grille
  • Front and Rear G2 Axle and Gear 30 Differential Cover, Powder Coated Lime Green
  • N-Fab Nerf Wheel to Wheel Step Bar, Matte Black
  • Smittybilt SRC Front Bumper, Matte Black
  • Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper with Hitch and Swing Out Tire Carrier
  • Warn Zeon 10-S 10,000LB Winch
  • Oracle Jeep Wrangler JK LED Off-Road Mirrors
  • Audiovox Backup Camera
  • Custom Painted Drive Shafts and Axles
  • Custom Powder Coated Hardware Throughout
  • Custom Line-X and Painted Engine Cover
  • Front and Rear Corbeau Baja XRS Suspension Seats, Custom Upholstery, Heaters
  • Corbeau 3-Point Harness Belts
  • Max Out Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher with Smittybilt Black Roll Bar Holders
  • Drivers Side Tuffy Conceal Carry Storage
  • Rugged Ridge Pillar Mount 4-Switch Pod
  • Daystar Lower Switch Panel
  • Daystar Amp Green Light Rocker Switches
  • Custom Made Marine Grade Floor Mats
  • Custom Wrapped Steering Wheel, Shifter Handle, 4X4 handle and Grab Bar
  • Custom Wiring Chases
  • Custom Made Rear Seat Belt bar, Powder Coated Lime Green
  • Custom Painted Grab Handle and Vent Rings
  • J.W. Speaker Evolution 2 8700 LED Headlights
  • Recon JK Wrangler Front Turn Signals, Amber LED Lights
  • Recon JK Wrangler Smoked LED Tail Lights
  • N-FAB Modular Windshield Double LED Light Mounting Kit
  • Rigid Industries Double Pillar Mounts
  • (4) Rigid Industries Dually LED Flood Lights
  • (2) Rigid Industries Dually LED Spot Lights
  • Rigid Industries 10 inch LED E2 Hyper Spot Light Bar
  • 50” Rigid Industries LED Flood Light Bar
  • 50” Rigid Industries LED Flood/Spot Combo Light Bar
  • Custom LED Lighting (Engine Compartment, Front Grill, Under Seats and In Dash)
  • 4.5” Rubicon Express Super Flex Lift Kit with Powder Coated Lime Green Components
  • Fox Racing 2.0 Performance Shocks with External Reservoirs and Powder Coated Lime Green Components
  • Fox ATS Steering Stabilizer with Powder Coated Lime Green Components
Wheels & Tires
  • 20x10 TIS 539 Monster Energy wheels
  • 35x12.50R20 Nitto Trail Grappler tires
  • RIPP Supercharger Black Ops Kit, Powder Coated Lime Green Tubes
  • AEV Procal Tuning Module
  • Cat-back Gibson Dual Exhaust
  • Glow Shift 3-in-1 Boost/Vacuum and Digital Pressure and Temperature Gauge
  • Pioneer AVH-4000NEX 2-DIN Flagship Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7’’ WVGA Touchscreen Display
  • Wet Sounds Marine REV-8 Full Swivel Speakers (Rear) with Custom Powder Coated and Line-X
  • Wet Sounds Marine XS-650 Speakers with RGB LED Lighting (Overhead)
  • Wet Sounds Marine 12’’ Subwoofer with Custom Box with Storage and LED Light Ring
  • Polk Audio 6.5” 2-way Component Speaker System (Front)
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime 5 Channel 600W Amplifier
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime 150W Amplifier


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