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BMW 5 Series on TIS 536MB

Some people need to flaunt their success with a garage filled with cars they don’t even drive, while others prefer to take a modest approach. Pro skateboarder Greg Lutzka belongs in the latter category. The veteran skater has been riding the streets, racking up sponsors and cashing skate competition checks for a while now, but his taste for the finer things in life is pretty simple. All he needs is his BMW 5-Series and his two Harley-Davidsons to make him happy. This is Lutzka’s second BMW and is his best yet (the first one he bought after winning his first skate competition).

“I’ve always been into European cars since I was young,” he says. “Those kinds of cars are just awesome cars to drive, especially German ones. They handle so well and are really stylish, which is probably why I’ve always liked them. My first Bimmer, I drove from Milwaukee, WI to California and drove that thing for a few years until my career picked up and I bought a Bentley GT.”

After selling his Bentley, Lutzka decided to go back to his first true love and a 5-Series was his first choice. “I test drove other cars and even had an Audi before, but didn’t like it and got rid of it,” he confesses. “Nothing beats a Bimmer and what’s great about them is that they’re not too expensive, yet still luxurious and are fun to drive. They have great interiors, their suspension handles really well and it’s seriously one of the best rides I’ve ever owned.”

Simplicity is key for Lutzka, so elaborate modifications were out of the question. All he needed to enhance the look of his Bavarian beauty was a set of 20” TIS wheels. “I love those wheels. They really set off the overall look of my BMW,” he says. “It drives good right now, and I feel that when you lower it, although it might look nice, you’re really compromising its ride. All I need are a nice set of wheels and tinted windows and I’m good to go!” Lutzka is also sponsored by Kicker and will be adding a booming sound system in the near future.

When he’s not cruising L.A. streets in his 5-Series, he’s hitting the open road in his 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Bob Dyna that he just started riding over a year ago. In fact, Lutzka was a motorcycle virgin, with his Harley passion ignited after getting sponsored by them and participating in their Freedom Tour campaign that showcased five influencers as they learned to ride Harleys.

“They’re from Milwaukee and so am I, and they wanted to get a skateboarder personality to appeal to a younger demographic and so that’s how the partnership began,” he says. “They also wanted someone that had never ridden a bike before because their whole campaign was about showing the public how easy it is to learn. And they really are! I had a blast and now love to ride my Harley through the canyons in L.A. and especially during rush hour traffic since I can just zip through it all.” Lutzka also admits that it’s been one of his favorite partnerships to date and enjoys doing all the YouTube promo videos that shows off his newfound riding skills. He’s become so engulfed with riding that he now has more than 20,000 miles under his belt and admits that it feels like he’s been riding all his life.

And unlike his BMW, the Street Bob boasts a number of modifications, including performance suspension, shocks, fairing and seat. Thanks to the amazing partnership with Harley-Davidson, Lutzka now has two bikes since Harley-Davidson recently sent him a new 2015 Dyna Low Rider bike. “Between the three rides, it’s a great mix,” he says. “I’m going to switch out the bikes quite a bit, but Street Bob will always be my favorite since it was my very first Harley.”

There’s no need to add more vehicles to his garage because Lutzka has his hands full with his BMW and Harleys and doesn’t want to get anything else since he’s always traveling for skate demos and competitions. This summer, he’s looking forward to shredding in the Dew Tour and hopefully taking home first place. Having been competing for 15 years, Lutzka knows what it takes to win contests and his secret to success is literally riding every single day.“I don’t call it practicing at all since I enjoy it,” he describes. “I know my board like the back of my hand, and when you’re always on it, you become so comfortable that you go into competitions not really thinking about it as much.”

And just like his board, Lutzka has become so comfortable on his Harleys that he’s looking forward to racking up more miles on them this summer.


GEAR: 2011 BMW 5 Series

  • TIS 536


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